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As a maths specialist in a primary school, I am continually experimenting with new ideas in the classroom. Some of them work and some of them don’t, and my colleagues are very good at telling me which!

Here are some of the questions we have been exploring in recent years and months, and the strategies which have worked most effectively. 

How do we maximise children’s learning from their mistakes?

How do we help children to master key number facts?

How do we ensure children maintain fluency in what they have been taught?

How do we cater effectively for multiple levels of capability in a class?

How do we ensure everyone in a group engages in the thinking, so one person does not do the thinking for the others?

How do we ensure children get in-the-moment feedback about how they are doing and use this to guide their next steps?

How can we make more consistent use of practical equipment and pictorial representations to help children to understand concepts?

What happens if we frame our learning experiences through a series of questions?

How can we get children of different capabilities to take their learning to different levels?