Maths Without Limits
Opening Young Minds to Endless Possibilities
Classroom Strategies for Differentation

Children are so often capable of far more than we think they are.  Here are some strategies that can be used to help them achieve their best, whatever their level.

  • Use practical number-skill activities, where the same resource can be used at different levels
  • Build positive attitudes
  • Provide alternative levels of challenge and involve the children in deciding which level to choose
  • Provide open-ended challenges which all pupils can engage in at their own level, and where the more confident pupils can explore things at a higher or deeper level
  • Introduce numberless problems where, after starting with a problem with no numbers at all, numbers can then be introduced, with groups of children choosing numbers to suit their own level of challenge
  • Play talking games where children put their own numbers into pre-written templates → talking games