Maths Without Limits
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Learning at Home

As parents, many of us are unsure about how best to help our children with Maths.  If our child is finding something difficult, we wonder if it’s OK to show them the way we were taught at school, or whether this will confuse them.  If our child tells us they are not being challenged by what they are learning in school, we don’t know how to stretch them.  The guidance you will find on this website will hopefully give you the understanding you need to be able to help.

Learning in School

As teachers, we often feel we are expected to work miracles.  We have a class of children of widely varying capabilities, who all need our individual attention, and we are asked to give each of them the right level of support or challenge so they can maximise their potential.  This can be particularly difficult in Maths, where skills and concepts need to be built up step by step. What resources and approaches might there be that would engage all pupils together?