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Photocopiable Resources

Guidance for these can be found at the start of each pdf itself.

Open-ended, Guided Explorations

Much of mathematical learning can happen through guided exploration.   These activities encourage children to work with others and with an adult to discover the wonder of Maths in a whole range of different contexts.

Practical Activities for Core Skills

These activities focus not on teaching rules but on building children’s understanding through practical materials and diagrams.  This ensures that children learn not just how to do things, but why things work the way they do.

Memorising Activities & Games

Knowing key facts like multiplication tables and number bonds is really important for building children’s confidence.  The activities here are carefully designed to build their skills step by step so that secure learning takes place.

Google Slide Resources

Guidance for these can be found in the speaker notes for each slide show.

Extended Explorations

These resources provide a wealth of material for both whole-class teaching and group working which can act as the backbone for a topic over a number of weeks.  There is a particular focus on exploration through mathematical talk.

Mini Explorations

These shorter explorations are ideal for home learning.  Each focuses on a single idea and encourages the child to explore it fully. ‘Together time’ slides at the start of each task encourage discussion with a parent before the child works alone.

Visual Skill Builders

To be really confident with Maths, children need to build up a bank of visual strategies which they can draw on to solve different problems.  These activities each focus on a single visualisation and explore how it can be used for a particular skill.