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Maths Without Limits is published and maintained by me, Rob, a full time primary teacher Maths specialist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland.  You can get in touch by email as follows:


Please be aware that, as I am full time teaching during the day, I only attend to my personal emails during evenings and weekends. If you do not hear from me within a day, please feel free to email me again.

About the Author

I graduated from Cambridge University with a BA in Mathematics in June 1983 and trained as a primary school teacher at Moray House College in Edinburgh.

I taught at a variety of primary schools in the UK and abroad before taking up a post as Maths teacher and ICT co-ordinator at the Dolphin School in Berkshire in 1996. During my three years at the Dolphin School I began to experiment with peer tutoring, giving special responsibility to some of my pupils for teaching computer skills to their classmates. I also began experimenting with innovative approaches to Maths teaching, using problem-based contexts for learning.

From 1999-2007, I was Curriculum Leader and then Deputy Head (Learning Opportunities) at an Independent Junior School in Edinburgh, where my particular remit was to work with Junior School staff to develop their confidence and skill in teaching ICT and Mathematics.

I am currently Deputy Head (Learning and Teaching) at another Independent (Junior) School in Edinburgh.

I have undertaken action research into peer tutoring, published by the Scottish Council for Research in Education, and have given presentations to groups of teachers in various parts of the UK on both ICT and Maths. I have, for many years, tutored pupils in Maths from Primary school age through to A-level.

My driving purpose is to encourage pupils to take greater responsibility for their own learning, and to encourage their teachers to allow them to!

PS My other Maths website, developed between 2010 and 2020 for Primary children and their parents, is Maths Investigations.  We make extensive use of this in my school, particularly the Learning Wall, which is really helpful for identifying the gaps in children’s learning and allowing them to fill them and consolidate their core number skills independently of the teacher.  Do take a look!