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About Maths Without Limits

I am a UK Primary School teacher and Maths specialist of more than 30 years experience. Over my time in the classroom I have developed, tested and refined numerous new resources.  Many have been very much loved by my own pupils and their parents and by other colleagues who have used them.  Some are now published elsewhere. Some have never seen the light of day outside my own school.

My vision now, is to put as many of them as possible online here, in one place, for the benefit of many. 

Yours collaboratively

Rob (6th January 2023)


The Story Behind Maths Without Limits

I began developing the site after a couple of years working with groups of pupils who wanted an additional Maths input beyond that provided in the regular curriculum.  Here’s how it came about…

As a school, during the national lockdown in the Spring of 2020, we hit upon the idea of using a Google slide template to share the weekly tasks with our pupils.  We attached worksheets to these and then created short explanatory videos to introduce them.  It was a resounding success.  The children loved the colourful engaging format, and the parents were happy too!

The autumn of 2020 saw us back in school but, because of COVID, working with our pupils in form classes rather than groups.  It quickly became apparent that, despite the teachers differentiating masterfully in their classes, we needed something extra to challenge the most capable pupils.

I tried out some ideas on a self-selected group of pupils who wanted the extra challenge.  They worked a treat, and, with no introduction from me and simply a link to a slide deck, the pupils (aged 9) set about first investigating negative coordinates and transformation of shapes (a topic not normally taught until Secondary School) and then exploring turning and angles.  An enthusiastic little group of pupils turned up at my office at the end of each week and proudly showed me what they had discovered.

Lockdown hit again in January 2021 and put further development of the ideas on hold because, as those of you who have delivered virtual teaching through lockdown will know, it is far more demanding than normal teaching.  But over the 2021-2022 session I developed more resources and, with the return to near normal school in August 2022, I relaunched the ‘Maths Explore’ groups in a new format and, in the drive to reduced printing budgets and our environmental footprint, began developing new worksheet-free slide deck resources, one example of which is published in the sample resources on this site.

I am confident, that, with the wealth of material I have already created over the years, there is plenty to fill a website and to enthuse children in many other places to become passionate about Maths.

Watch this space!

Rob (8 January 2023)