Maths Without Limits
Opening Young Minds to Endless Possibilities

This single resource allows for the consolidation and development of a wide range of mathematical skills and concepts, covering line, angle, shape, symmetry, area and proportionality.  It can be used to guide an extended exploration over a number of weeks, supported by other materials to reinforce any core skills that need over-learning. The common theme running through it is the use of isometric spotty paper. 

This is one of a series of open-ended, low-threshold, high-ceiling learning experiences where all pupils are developing the same concepts and skills but are challenging themselves with their own numbers and diagrams at an appropriate level.  There is a strong emphasis on developing pupil talk, peer collaboration, and learning through structured exploration.

The slides are divided into three types:

Together Time – designed to be used by the teacher with the whole class, for open question-and-answer dialogue, and using think-pair-share in short-burst practical tasks to ensure that all are engaged.  On these slides, everything is framed as questions – the answers are established through discussion and direct investigation.

Team Task Time – more extended practical activities designed to be modelled first by the teacher with the whole class gathered around (like in an art lesson) and then undertaken by the pupils working in pairs, trios or larger teams as appropriate. 

Team Talk Time – group talking activities, some in the form of talking games and others as open discussions, which should again be modelled first by the teacher and then engaged in by the pupils in groups.