Maths Without Limits
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Unit 9.3.1 Part 2


Learning Intentions

  • How can I draw accurate diagrams to show the dimensions of a cuboid?
  • How do I label diagrams carefully?
  • What do nets of cubes and cuboids look like?

Pupil Task:

  • Carefully split open packets along the seams to expose the original nets.
  • Discuss the rectangular sections that are visible.
  • Write measurements accurately on the inside surface of the box.
  • Create a series of diagrams on squared paper to record the shape and dimensions of each face.

Teacher Guidance: 

  • This task starts by exploring the idea of the ‘net’ of a 3D shape. If desired, pupils could be encouraged to explore the nets of other 3D shapes using mathematical construction equipment such as polydron, or calculate the total length and width of each net in order to find out how many could be cut from a large sheet of card.
  • Next we focus on the important skill of creating accurate diagrams. A greater challenge for some might be to draw these exactly to scale.
  • Once these are drawn, there is a talking game that can be played to consolidate measurement vocabulary.