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Unit 9.3.1 What can we find out about volumes and surface areas of cuboids?

This unit begins by reusing previously-learned measurement language in a new context involving measurement in centimetres (and decimal centimetres if appropriate). The vocabulary of length and 3D shape is practised and the rectangle as a 2D shape and a useful diagram is reinforced. In the process of a practical and talking investigation, a number of ideas relating to area and volume are explored.


  • Cuboid shaped packets
  • cm rulers, scissors
  • squared paper, large sheets of (eg) sugar paper
  • unit cubes
  • polydron or similar
  • Resources, such as talking game slides, to reinforce the following vocabulary: cube, cuboid, 3D shape, faces, surfaces, corners, edges, length, width, height, depth, breadth, dimension, net, rectangle, diagram, exactly, about, centimetres, ruler