Maths Without Limits
Opening Young Minds to Endless Possibilities


This activity was designed for, and used successfully, with a group of capable 8 year olds who had just been introduced to the standard written method of addition.  The objectives were as follows:

  • revise their understanding of number bond diagrams and function arrows
  • develop their skills in doubling and halving numbers mentally by partitioning
  • use number bond diagrams and function arrows to record on paper the mental partitioning strategy
  • consolidate their skills in using the standard written method of addition and
  • teach them the value of using ‘Plan Together, Work Apart, Check Together to detect, inspect and correct errors

in the context of an open-ended challenge which would engage and stretch them.

Part 1 was used in its entirety in one 55 minute lesson to prepare the ground for and introduce the children to various activities which they could then work on autonomously (without teacher support) over subsequent days. Part 2 was explored in a further lesson.

Important Note: Teacher or parent guidance for using these slides can be found in the speaker notes section, which can be found by clicking on the three dots which appear when you click or mouseover the bottom left of a slide.